Bedding & Towels

At The Linen Co. we take pride in laundering your household linens because we know how difficult it can be to efficiently clean these items at home. We undertake all our cleaning in-house and ensure meticulous care at every step of the cleaning process, guaranteeing that your laundry is immaculate before being returned to you. We promise professional and pristine results by inspecting all pieces individually, pretreating stains and laundering the items with tender yet effective eco-friendly detergents and returning them in 100% recyclable packaging.

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Our Values


Everything is on us. The entire dry cleaning and laundry process will be undertaken in our very own purpose-built premises, allowing us to maintain high standards and deliver uncompromising quality each and every time.


We believe supreme cleaning quality, caring for the environment and a superior customer experience shouldn’t come with extortionate fees. It is our mission to deliver exactly that – a premium, eco-friendly service at affordable rates.

The Environment

We think businesses have a responsibility to be kinder to the environment. This is why we have eliminated all plastic packaging from our processes & opted for GreenEarth cleaning that replaces carcinogenic and toxic PERC chemicals.

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